The cat and the drawer

“Daddy…….. Daddy…….”

“Did you see it again, baby?”

She hugged him tightly and said, “Yes, dad. Again same black cat pulled my quilt, jumped over the table and scratching the drawer”.

“Sleep, my dear. All will be fine”

“You are saying the same from last ten years. I want to know what’s in the drawer, who has locked it. Where is the key?”

“I swear, I don’t have the key. I tried to open it by all means but its not”

She cried and pulled her bedsheet. Numerous thoughts, questions were weaving the web in mind and struggling to come out of it. She had become the cocoon within it from many years and want to come out from it resolving it and emerging into a new life.

She put her all positive thoughts and woke up in the morning in search of the answer. She digs the toolbox to open the drawer, she took a knife to break it but every attempt went vain.

She cried and cried….. She felt why her mom left her and ran away with another person. She hated her mom all these ten years but now she was missing her presence. She cried loudly calling her “Mooommmmm, I need you…”

The black cat jumped over her and pulled her dress. She saw some shadow near the table pointing to the drawer and its open.

She ran towards it and saw a letter reading “Your dad killed me. Run away before you turn 18. Mom loves you”.

(Word Count: 250)


This is in response to below prompts.

Fiction Monday by Vinitha for the below photo prompt and word prompt: Shadow. Writing a tale using any one or both the prompts within 250 words.

black cat walking on road
Photo by David Bartus on

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #154

VJ’s weekly challenge – 114: What’s in the Box?

25 thoughts on “The cat and the drawer

  1. It was a chilling read, Shilpa. The twist in the end was unexpected, to say the least. Thank you for joining #fictionmonday with this brilliant story, Shilpa. Hope to read your stories in the coming weeks too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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