Refreshing Sunday Morning

This tree was a checkpoint for my son BP to stop at this point for his first time cycling on road. He was practicing the balancing two wheels of the cycle by himself from a couple of weeks in the parking area of our apartment. Now that, I wanted him to experience and face the actual challenges; ups, downs, slippery, tar, muddy and dug roads and also learn to ride on the road considering the other vehicles passing. He was very much thrilled about his riding on-road and I was, even more, to step out of home with him alone. It was only we two on most-of-time-empty-road in our neighbourhood and have our own time.

It was a certainly great exercise for me after a quite long time running behind him and holding a similar pace of his cycling so to make sure to be available for him to support if he slips the balance. He was more cautious and asked me to back him up when he goes down the road as it was simply moving fast. He was excited to know when I revealed that I had released the hand on the seat and quietly running behind him on his second round. I loved his expression which was glowing in every part of his face.

This will be a memorable milestone in my parenting dairy. We both truly had satisfying and pleasant Sunday morning hours. BP wants this as an weekend routine from now on and I am hoping to do the same.

How do you spend your Sunday morning? I am glad to hear it.

BP peddling up


Joining Parul for #ThursdayTreeLove – is a photo feature hosted on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month by her.

16 thoughts on “Refreshing Sunday Morning

    • Thanks Alana for visiting. Yes, my son love riding cycle outside.. he ask to take daily but made him understand that’s possible only when I am on off. Pandemic has made most of us mentally and physically dull. Hope we all overcome that and this year brings more brighter life.


    • Right. Even My husband taught him initially inside parking area and I took him as next step to face road. Its such a awesome feeling to see kids passing each milestone and to be part of it. Thank you so much Archana for sharing your view.


  1. You are such an awesome mom Shilpa! I love the way you take care and shower your love on your kids be it a small drawing activity or a school competition! Your unique ways of involving them in the festivities, teaching them the culture, authentic food habits and making them ready to face the fast-paced world is very admirable. Liked the backdrop of trees – wonder if Bengaluru still has such calm and serene streets.

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