My balcony and My morning happiness #WOW

I always wanted to be welcomed by a greenery balcony before entering the house, this was one of the primary reason to buy a flat that we are currently residing. This has been my favourite corner of my house now.

I was very particular about choosing the flat over an independent house with few exceptions and one among them was the entrance of the flat to be quiet and private. There we got one which faces north with a broad balcony which suffices to keep Tulasi Brindavana, little place to put rangoli and keep my pots. That was perfect as I wanted to feel the flat as an independent house on the floor of the building.

I love this particular balcony which makes me feel positive when I stand there and watch plants, creepers grow inch by inch. Decorating the entrance with rangoli is my morning happiness which adds positive vibes to my traditional cultural aspects. We believe that patterns, shapes and colours in the rangoli generate soothing power and positive waves around us.

It is also ‘the place’ of hideout for me whenever I feel too low and down. I stand next to pots, leaning on the support of the balcony and talk to myself gazing sky over me and seeing these little plants. I feel I have my plants to talk too for any happy and bad situations. Breeze passing through the leaves and flowers make me feel as they are with me in both good and bad times.

The plants have now been part of my kids growing up, that is the place where I sit with my kids and play a while. Show them the leaves, branches, flowers, and value of medicinal plants in the pots. I spend daily sometimes there irrespective of my busy schedule. Now in the pandemic, WFH being the new normal for working people, this balcony is a break area to walk and breathe air.

This place and plants in the pots have heard my feeling, shared many of my memories, knows many of my personal stories and makes them special!!

Rangoli….My morning happiness on special occasions
Over the period of times; change in the colours and plants.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Favourite Corner In The House

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