New little world – My desk #WOW

The pandemic has highly affected the normal life of people. Our new normal has changed incomparably, everyone trying their best to run the life normally adopting the technologies, gadgets, helping each other and staying in the home. The new normal has directed, compelled the ‘working from home’ and online class trend to retain the continuity. To accommodate this drift we have made one of the rooms in the house a workspace and classroom.

Can you visualise how to accommodate three desks in a single room with existing furniture!! Yes, you heard it right. Me and PK working from home and BP to attend online class!! We couldn’t include the living room to be part of the workspace as AP our little girl need space too and another room for her nap. This is an opportunity in our life that we were so connected to our own house full time and all rooms were wholly utilised well.

Initially, it was all mess and going with the flow. Later realised how important it is to have a comfortable space to work for long hours sitting with a desk and chair, how it would affect our health as we are now confined to little closed space.

We had a plan, the larger table was shared by PK and BP as I decided to repurpose the iron press table to be my new desk to work. It is light, easy to shift, easy to lift and clean, appropriate for my height to sit comfortably, more space to stretch my legs and relax while working.

Initial days, it was my office laptop and its accessories to take up the call, notebook to write. Slowly, BP’s books, his tab started seizing my desk as he needed my help to complete homework.

My new little world….. My desk…..

I and BP share a lot of memories in this space now. Being a working mother, I had less time to spend with him earlier as travelling in the metro city had taken away most of the time post working hours. The pandemic is so havoc in one way, it also a boon in another way which allowed a mother like me to spend more time with kids and have a memorable time. We did several activities together and one of the crafts made as part of learning shapes and importance of reading book was so good that it’s on the wall of my desk space. That reminds the happy and valuable time spent with BP. We also made a nameplate and pen stand together which is also part of our desk.

I am playing multiple roles sitting at my desk; working mother, teacher to BP and good loving workmate to my PK :). The master room converted to a workspace and press table to my desk which has become my new little world!!


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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