A raindrop to beautiful pearl #WOW

“Time has arrived. Our special moment has come. I can hear the thunder and coolness surrounding us” jumped the Nimbus.

All the little droplets colliding each other feeling the breeze of heavy air. Everyone is eager to experience the exceptional journey being the ultimate last state of their journey.

This is the unique journey being the raindrops and reaching the mother earth. Everyone has their own path, struggle and destiny in the journey“, I heard mom telling this.

I am excited to experience this journey and heard the big collide and I slipped from the home. All my friends along with me going down, I see a few smiles, tensions and excitement on their faces. We all waved our hand for the last bye and became part of different wind.

It was a day and a little sunny. A light passed over me and I saw many colours. It’s a rainbow!!!

Oauchhhh!! What’s that!! I hit by something. I cleared my vision. Is it a bird or machine? I just missed and happy to continue my journey.

I always dreamt to have a long journey to view the beauty of the planet and end up specially. There I see, beautiful field of colourful flowers. I recalled what dad said that I am special and born to retransform to a beautiful thing. I was wondering if this is what he meant and felt the sudden jolt of carrying me with the speed of the tornado and pushed me. I felt light and saw a shell capturing me inside tightly. Then I released my dad’s word, I am indeed blessed to be special to transformed to a beautiful pearl.


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Write A Story About Your Adventure As A Raindrop

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