A memorable ‘LIFT’

It was around 7 o’clock in the evening. I was rushing to go home back as early as possible. Crossed busy road to catch an auto. My eyes were focusing on only auto so that its not missed out of my sight. I shouted saying ‘Vijaynagar‘ to one of the auto which was moving fast without having any passenger. Autowala nodded his head and accelerated still more!! A activa bike stopped right front of me and asked “do you need drop, I am going same way“. A lady in the saree, wearing helmet was not visible completely, her eyes were so bold and even her voice. I was bit puzzled. I was wondering if she is from the same company where i work or she knows me by any chance, but it was no when i asked her!! I was bit hesitant to take drop from unknown person; but not sure, what happened to me, just smiled and sat back to her.

There was long quite for half a way. I broke the silence saying ‘Its not safe to take drop from unknown people in this city!‘ She shut my mouth saying ‘Its even more unsafe to give drop to unknown person!!‘. We both giggled and then talks continued; exchanged our names, work and other stuff. Again some more silence among us though the Bangalore traffic sound was hitting our ears!

My phone rang. I exchanged some daily routine talk with my mother-in-law who is waiting for me along with my kid to reach home soon and safe. As soon as i kept the call, she started talking to me emotionally. This call triggered her emotion quotient. She calmly told ‘you are so lucky to have mother-in-law with you to take care of kid‘ and started telling about her struggle in life to take care of her kid alone. She quit her job to take care of her son. She do not have support from either her own or husband’s family. Her mother took care for only two months after her delivery and she is back to her house. Her in-laws are at native and even bonding between them is very mere. She was all over left alone. She has very good friends circle and supporting husband who turned her life to blossom. One of her friend offered job to her in his own company who provided her separate cubicle where she can keep cradle to take care of her 3 months old son along with work. This offer was like silver line in the dark cloud. She started her career again. Independent and happy now with her 6 years old son.

“Many people cross our road for short period, few people really reside in our memory for long”!

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