Monthly Gratitude – July 2019

The month of July was simple and sweet. Here are my sweet moments which I would like to cherish and feel grateful. Family and friends; ♥ I got a privilege to eat mom made Laddus almost every day of this month. Mom visited home many times in this month and we two together prepared dry … Continue reading Monthly Gratitude – July 2019


Conclusion #WordsMatter

It was late at night. I was thinking about how to give an end to my thriller story. All the episodes were done and only left with the last closing chapter. Tossing pen between fingers in one hand and toggling the study lamp switch button on the other hand. Dog barking continuously. I saw something … Continue reading Conclusion #WordsMatter


Do you remember postcard?? That was the only way of communication for me during our childhood. No cellphone, hardly people had landline connection and need to walk very far for STD booth for trunk calls. My schooling was at JNV, a residential school where only postcard was allowed to write a letter to parents which … Continue reading Postcard