Boon of wisdom

A queen dragged her husband to temple instructing him to pray for sapience and not to come out until he get the boon of wisdom. Pleased by his innocence and devotion, Goddess Kali appeared and gave a boon of ultimate wisdom!! He became a most famous Sanskrit poet Kalidasa! (Word count: 49) This is in … Continue reading Boon of wisdom


Who is she? – #AtoZchallenge

Continued.... from Unknown Umesh opened his eyes and saw Urmila sprinkling water on his face. "Stop this! What's wrong with you. who are you?" Umesh blabbered with confused mind. Urmila stared at him with question mark and said "Excuse me, I came to help you but you are asking me stupid questions. What did I … Continue reading Who is she? – #AtoZchallenge


Immensely dark room!! I am completely blind and clueless as where am I! Horrifying barking sound of dogs echoing over my ears! Cats were screaming.. meow-w-www.... Along with this, nocturnal wild sounds shoot up my heart beats in that dirty dark room. Kind of whispering voices hovering me. Feeling of someone stalking me!!!!! Kirrrrrr...Cr...rrr...rrrr....rrrr....rrrrr...eee..tarrrrr... door opened … Continue reading Unknown