Reconnect our inner child

My son BP turned five on this 2nd May. He is still too young, but I started feeling and treating him as grown-up after my toddler arrived in our life. I sometimes forget about his innocence and expect a lot from him to be perfect and more responsive and don't realise that he is still … Continue reading Reconnect our inner child

Remembering the Eve of Holi

Holi is the festival of colours, an ancient Hindu religious festival which is now celebrated in many parts of India. This festival signifies the victory over evil, the arrival of spring and the end of the winter. It's a night and day festival. We also call it as Holi Hunnime or Purnima i.e Full Moon … Continue reading Remembering the Eve of Holi


Do you remember postcard?? That was the only way of communication for me during our childhood. No cellphone, hardly people had landline connection and need to walk very far for STD booth for trunk calls. My schooling was at JNV, a residential school where only postcard was allowed to write a letter to parents which … Continue reading Postcard