Vote for? – #AtoZchallenge

Other day when I was cuddling with BP, I simply shot an odd question to him. "To whom you love most?". He was just staring at me and thinking deeply. "Amma or Pappa?" I clarified him. He was still thinking and looked at his dad once and turned to me. He was not sure to … Continue reading Vote for? – #AtoZchallenge


Eagerly awaiting!! – mother’s heart #AtoZchallenge

I can exactly tell you the date, Yes, its 26th Nov 2016, that I flew to California on work deputation leaving my 1 year 7 months old kid with my better-half and moher-in-law. I had got my H1B stamped and needed to travel at the earliest as project was critical and needed a presence of … Continue reading Eagerly awaiting!! – mother’s heart #AtoZchallenge