Reflections for #AtoZChallenge2018

I was holidaying after AtoZ challenge last letter post and hence the delay in reflection post. This was my first AtoZ challenge and more over lately came to know about this challenge while was browsing through WP readers and learnt about theme reveal post. Got curious seeing the title and then the rule - 26 … Continue reading Reflections for #AtoZChallenge2018

Zoo to biological park – Bannerghatta National Park #AtoZchallenge

Bannerghatta National Park Bangalore had vision to have a Biological Recreation Center very close to the city in the midst of the forests in the valley of the famous Champakadhama hills inside the Bannerghatta National Park. Hence created a mini zoo in 1972 which gradually grew to very vast National park with zoo, safari, parks. I … Continue reading Zoo to biological park – Bannerghatta National Park #AtoZchallenge

Yakshagana – Theatre art #AtoZchallenge

It is traditional theatre art which consist of dance, music, dialogues with beautiful costumes, head-dresses(Kireeta) and face paints. The meaning of word is Songs(Gana) of Yaksha(nature-spirits, caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots). This form of theatre art mainly found in the Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Uttara Kannada districts of Karnataka. … Continue reading Yakshagana – Theatre art #AtoZchallenge