New little world – My desk #WOW

The pandemic has highly affected the normal life of people. Our new normal has changed incomparably, everyone trying their best to run the life normally adopting the technologies, gadgets, helping each other and staying in the home. The new normal has directed, compelled the 'working from home' and online class trend to retain the continuity. … Continue reading New little world – My desk #WOW

A day out to Varanga

Varanga is a scenic and tourist place in Udupi district, Karnataka. I never had an opportunity to visit this place despite belonging to the same district. We often explore other parts of the world under-evaluating our own wonderful place. The scarcity of time, desire to go out during this pandemic made us consider visiting this … Continue reading A day out to Varanga


Do you remember postcard?? That was the only way of communication for me during our childhood. No cellphone, hardly people had landline connection and need to walk very far for STD booth for trunk calls. My schooling was at JNV, a residential school where only postcard was allowed to write a letter to parents which … Continue reading Postcard