Treasure hunt #writephoto

“A pathway through a mown wheat leads up a hill to a green mound crowned with jagged standing stones. Shadow of those stones meets a point to reach the goal” read the note.

This is the last clue and we are ahead of other teams. Only 4 hours left for sunset which ceases the game and also the place.

“What do you mean of ceases the place too” questioned Reena.

Lata in her casual tone said “That is what everyone says in the city. No one knows the reality”.

“Let’s stop discussing and move towards the goal. Any idea about this clue? anyone knows this place” Ankit asked looking at the other three.

There is one vast wheat field after 4th exit from the main road. It will take at least 3 hours by walk. Lohit was worried while saying this.

Bloody, we lost our car in the last clue and no lifeline left to get any help.

All started running towards the place. Finally, they found the place and that’s how it looked. They were very pleased to see it, but only 15 mins left to sunset and they are at the start of field and started running towards the crown of the field.

They reached just a few minutes before sunset and the Ankit quickly ran and stood on the area where all the shadows of stone coexisted.

Suddenly only the stone covered area started sliding as the sunset the horizon and Ankit fell down. He saw the chest going down just beside him and a foot below the surface. Before he could grab it, his three friends pulled him and jumped on the field. Those stones submerged within as if some heavy force pulled them inside quickly.

Ankit was sad to miss the chest but happy to see himself alive.

Someone truly said “No one has made it. Treasure belongs to nature and no one can own it”

“Each year human keep this contest to win over nature but Mother nature earth reminds us that human beings are just a matter of small particle compared to her” Lata Sighed.


This is in response to weekly writephoto prompt hosted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo


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