New Normal #writephoto

The usual buzzing sound of parking vehicles, a huge gang of mixed aged people competing to take a turn to stand on causeway posing for the clicks, small boats are racing and riding people for fun, small food stalls buzzing with crowds, serving juices and icecreams earning their livelihood.

I must patrol over the area and ensure the safety of people. My ears were so used to those crowds and buzz.

Hello… Hello… It’s clean and clear here. No people and good to go sir. Over

Ok, I am coming. Same this side too. Over

Now, It’s completely still! Calm, clear. The pathway of stone leading through the water is clearly visible.

Nothing is over. Its just way we approach has changed now. Its break time to everyone including nature. We need to adapt our new normal ways of life. It might be tough initially but not impossible.

I felt relaxed thinking over the new reality. Took a deep breath and put up my mask, sanitized my hands, wore glove and accelerated my bike.


This is in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Causeway #writephoto


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