The Judgement


Lucia was sitting at the corner of Coliseum witnessing her brother Caesar’s crime judgement. Tears were rolling down from her eyes continuously when Caesar was dragged by two giant persons to the centre of arena.

I was out of blood, No brother can see one’s sister is abused and physically hurt!!! I killed that person next day” he was pleading.

Crowd was shouting “Leave him, free him from the charge!!

There was no mercy in the eyes of Ruler, He ordered his judgement keeping his law as main factors.

Gatekeeper opened the door, hungry Lion jumped out of it and attacked on him to the death!

Word Count: 106

This is my very first post on fiction writing on photo prompt.

Linking this post to #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted by Tina and Mayuri

Also linking to #MicroblogMonday – Between 1 word to 8 sentences for the whole post.

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