Monthly Gratitude – January 2019

January reminded me of balancing life is not easy. A peak of tough time would teach you many things. January has shown me a tough period in every colours of life. I am grateful to manage and flow in the sorrow boat and balance to sail it considerably smoothly.

Personal front:
Loss of newly arrived family member gave a bit jolt and still need more time to recover from it. Truly grateful to almighty for giving our entire family such an immense strength to digest the truth. He had given us a lot of happiness and left us without giving much trouble. It really hurts when one gets to know the lifespan of dear one – such was our case. Knowing the condition, we still managed to celebrate Sankranti festival keeping BP and Gombe in mind and never made them realise the loss.

BP received ‘Star of the week’ award in school for which parents were invited. It was happiest moments to feel proud of being parents. Such good moments help to derail from bad track!

Spent a lot of time with family members. Being eldest to family, it was my foremost duty to manage the situation, supporting everyone. I am grateful to God to give me such strength in front of everyone even though it was completely opposite from inside.

As all (Myself too) believe, time will heal all, This shall pass soon.

Special thanks to PK for all his support and to be available in each and every situation of mine.

New project assignment added some more weights to shoulders to balance. A lot of meetings, late evening KT sessions, learning new process and technologies adding challenges to the existing life. Hoping to get better soon.

Blog front:
I could keep my motto to post at least 4 posts per month as two posts were drafted well in advance for TTL. Not to miss, being part of gratitude circle is the biggest bliss. Writing really heals many things but the situation around us add fuel to the starting problem as usual.

Nature’s bliss:
A beautiful pink rose bloomed on new year added happiness. A lot of hibiscuses and other flowers in my pot gardening gave positive vibes to start a day when I step out of the house. Crossing the Rangoli adds pleasant vibes. I believe to decorate the front of the door and Tulasi Brindavan with Rangoli for positive vibes. This small things always add a lot of meaningful happiness and helps to overcome some percentage of bad feeling if not completely.

That’s all about January. Hoping to have better February!



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4 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – January 2019

  1. It is indeed sad to hear the loss in your family Shilpa! Although, the loss can’t be replaced, time will teach us to look forward to other good things in life and as the famous saying goes – Life has to go on! Well written gratitude post. Wishing you good, better and best days ahead.

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