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person with toy airplane on world map

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My pre-school going son was crying to go to our native place as its summer holidays for him. We had dropped the idea this year keeping the current pandemic outbreak. We are in Noida on an official transfer leaving behind our native place near Bangalore.

My wife tried most of the ways to comfort him by giving his favourite foods, playing his favourite game, trying to be himself and playing with him. But nothing was encouraging to keep him calm. It was reluctant and want his longing to be fulfilled.

I was a listener from the corner of the sofa working on my laptop. He became too loud and uncontrollable. She glanced at me and went to the drawing-room and got a drawing sheet. She traced the world map and began to colour. His eyes filled with joy but he was attached to his demand and continued his cry. She filled in different colours and then disappeared again from the room. I was simply wondering, what’s her plan for this tantrum? I know her skill, strength and was waiting to discover as what’s for today. There were two of us waiting for her in the same room though I was pretending to be very busy as not to distract him.

Here she comes with the toy ‘Plane’. She kept that on the map and started her speech.

“This is your captain speaking, service from Delhi to Banglore. Please fasten your seatbelt, hold your Amma tightly, close your eyes and get ready for the take-off. Enjoy your journey”.

He jumped clapping hand and replied, “Amma, hold me tightly”.

Both continued their virtual journey and once again, the living room filled with giggles, laughs and smiles.


This is in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #143


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