Damn Dream

The family commitment, taking care of ill father, education of younger brother had curbed Bhavana’s dream of travelling different part of her birthland and the world. Though she was earning in lakhs, she could not save a penny. She had stopped about thinking her life, future and dream.

One day while she was strolling in the garden and surprised to see the golden peculiar bottle that was visible half covered in the mud. She pulled it with curiosity and rubbed to clean the bottle. Some smoky blurred transparent image popped up from the sprout of the bottle that made her throw it and start running.

“Your wish is my command” voice followed her.

“Don’t run. I am a genie. Ask three wishes. You are my master until I fulfil those.

Bhavana had heard about this in the story and couldn’t believe if its genie or ghost or something else. She decided to check it out.

“I wish to see all types of vegetation present in the world”.

She was mesmerised to see the rainforest, wandered in the grassland, climbed the Himalaya, jumped on Iceland, touched the sand, played in the heather and many more. It was like her dream has come true.

She wanted to ask the other two wishes carefully. While thinking on the line, she heard someone calling her.

“Bhavana… Where are you? Aren’t you done with a morning walk? You are getting late to office.”

It was her mom calling. She asked the genie to get inside for now. She rubbed the lamp rigorously, but the genie is not getting back in the bottle. She keeps rubbing it.

“Hey Bhavana, leave my hand. Why are rubbing it so badly? Wake up. It’s painful.” screamed her brother.

She opened her eyes to realise it was a damn dream and her dream of travel is still a dream.


This is in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #142

And in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Dream # WritePhoto


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