Monthly Gratitude – May 2019

Its already a mid of June and my May gratitude post is still not done. Making time for myself and writing is a big deal while raising newborn along with elder one! Still, nothing is too late to list happiness and gratitude moments when you have the determination to write it and preserve for the future.

May month is always special for me as my boys PK and BP’s birthday falls on this month, my parent’s anniversary and dear one’s birthdays. Its a month of celebration. My little boy BP turned 4 years. We celebrated his birthday at native inviting neighbour kids and family. He was excited about getting cake and dishes. We had got return gifts to all kids and made BP distribute so that he understands the importance of giving along with receiving. Its time for him to learn giving and sharing. I am grateful to have him in my life who’s arrival has made me Mother and he is my naughty good boy😍

All the needed rituals were taken care of by my in-laws as we were returning back to our home. They are very supportive and took care of my all needs before I ask for. I am very much grateful to have such a family as my part of life.

I am very much grateful to my niece who helped me a lot during my stay at native. She was one with whom I could share my day to day needs and feeling which used to make my heart feel light. Thanks my dear.

Month-end, we are back to our home. Grateful for safe long travel with a newborn. Now no difference to day and night. Its been a little difficult to manage all stuff after being back from native home as now no extra hands to help,  all I have is my PK. I am lucky to have him my life partner who is always with me supporting and helping like a mother.

Having seasonal fruits mangoes and jackfruits at native was bliss and contentment to belly :). Seeing a huge number of flowers in my pot garden in the balcony added joy once back home, felt like a warm welcome to us. Grateful to surrounding nature which has that healing power.

Nothing much in other spheres of life as few more months of mine will be circling around two kids and managing them. All the gratitude moments around the personal front.

That’s it for May month. How was yours??


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6 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – May 2019

  1. Felt very happy to read your gratitude post Shilpa! I can understand the challenges managing a baby and a little one. Trust me, you will feel this phase was more manageable than the current one after a few years – all joys of life! 🙂

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  2. Your post is full of love and happiness Shilpa – wishes for and to all the peeps for the birthdays. You have your hands full with a new baby so its understandable about not being able to find time to write – take it easy and go with the flow.

    Wishing you a fabulous month ahead!

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