Monthly Gratitude – April 2019

April month was awesome and will be a special month going forward as a new special member got added to our little family. BP got promoted to big brother. We are blessed with a cute little angel (hereafter addressed as AP in my blog). BP is very happy to see his little sister. She has completed our family. I am very much grateful to Almighty for showering happiness and blessing with lovely BP and cute AP in our life making it a complete family. I was on cloud nine when the doctor said its baby girl. All my prayers have been listened.

I and BP were in native this whole month. I had come here for my delivery to my in-law’s house. I am very much grateful to have such practical and understandable in-laws. They helped me more than their own daughters. They supported me in all phases – check-ups, moral support, taking care of BP and AP. It’s my fortune to get such support as its really tough to handle little ones for the initial few months.

I am grateful to my better half PK who was with me on the right time of delivery and supported me emotionally being with me. What else a wife needs from her man, it’s his time on the required situation. He managed his heavy work and took an ample amount of leaves plus WFH to support me. I am grateful to have him as my life partner.

I and BP enjoyed to the fullest in native eating all favourite foods, playing with kids, recalling all childhood games. I was so involved with these activities which made my delivery easy. It made me take labour pain easy and I could realise pain only when it was to the peak and rushed to the hospital😁😊. Life was cool without official and household works. Much needed break😊.

We had AP’s cradle and naming ceremony on the 11th day after birth. It was good and my both paternal and maternal granny had come to function and blessed her. My parents, all near and dear ones were present to bless her.


One of My favourite flower from the garden at Native

This month was more concentrated on the personal front as a priority and hence no much on the blog side. Officially, I am grateful to get my replacement on time so that I was able to transfer knowledge and avail leave well in advance to spend some much needed time with BP before the arrival of the second. He was very happy to see me with him all the time. Now I am hardly getting time to speak with him. Managing both kids equally without hurting both is really challenging.

My upcoming months will be too busy, juggling with two kids. Ending the post by hoping to somehow manage the time to write at least a gratitude post.

So, how was your April?? Share your at least one gratitude in the comment section or leave your gratitude post link.

7 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – April 2019

  1. Congratulations Shilpa.. That’s amazing news. God bless the baby. Of course à good childbirth with minimum complications and a healthy baby are things to be grateful for. Hope you have a great time with your kids and get some personal time too. Take care

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  2. Many congratulations Shilpa for the wonderful addition to the family – much love and blessings to the little one.

    You have had much to be grateful for in April and I pray this blessing continues forward in May as well.

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