The landline started ringing……

There was a spark in the eyes of everyone in the family. Arvind, being head of the family, picked the call. He signalled thumbs up and said it’s a ‘YES’.

“Jyoti… It’s yes from their side. Finally, Deepavali festive vibes have added light to your life my sweetheart” said the granny putting laddu into her mouth.

Jyoti bite bit of it and ran to upstairs with mixed feeling.


Jyoti is in her mid 30’s, simple, traditional, educated enough to manage family and take her own decision on any matter. She had beautiful pair of innocent eyes, long hair always pleated well, tall and good healthy features with dusky skin.

She was fed up presenting herself to unknown people who always judge her on the outer look and never hear back from them. She never understood as to how does skin colour matter so much for arrange marriage in our society.

Since the last ten years, there was no single call back after the alliance formality of ‘seeing girl’.


Arvind was sharing the news with the rest of the family members as what all the next step to work and arrange. He was quite excited with his daughter marriage finally got fixed.

Jyoti on other side had mixed feeling of starting a new life with an unknown person and departing from the known dear ones.

She put a big smile on her face and joined her family to be part of the joy. As it was start day of the Deepavali festival, She lit the Diyas all over the home, decorated with flowers and colours.

This year festival turned out to be one of the best memories for the entire family.


This is in response to below prompts.

VJ’s weekly challenge – 122: The Phone call

Fiction Monday by Vinitha for the below photo prompt and word prompt: Home.

red lighted candle
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8 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Sadly this is the reality in Indian society even today. The outer appearance is given more importance than it should be. I feel for Jyoti.
    I loved the choice of name and how it all tied together with the Deepavali festivities and the picture prompt, Shilpa.
    So glad to see you participate. 🙂 Hope to see you next week as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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