The mystery of the room

This room is always locked and why? Mum never ever gave me a believable answer to this question. I need to crack the mystery of this room. Its been twenty years asking and my desire to know is growing like a big giant tree. Tonight is the time for it when all are going out for the reception party.

Sheena is planning from the morning and all set to unlock the room and mystery.

“Let’s go, girls, common on!” said the mother Kavita adjusting her hairpin in front of the mirror.

“But Mumma, Sheena is not yet ready. She is lying on the bed unwell”, explained the second daughter Deena.

“Ufff!! She is always like this. Last minute she gets some or other reason to skip any functions of relatives. When this girl will understand. She is ditto like her…!!” Kavita paused and ordered Deena to start and get the car key.

“What’s wrong with mom today. What she wanted to say and blabbering. Strange!!! Forget it!!” Deena went down to get the key.

Kavita walked towards Sheena’s room and said to take care and left from there.

As soon as the door banged and the car started, Sheena got up from the bed and peeped through the window to make sure about their departure. She slowly ran towards the mystery room which is in the basement. It is completely dark, she moved slowly stepping down to basement way and rolled down slipping the stair. It was loud noise in the closed basement hitting the unwanted things kept over there. Sheena got up dusting her dress and adjusting the open hair and looked at the mystery room. She saw the Hand and fell down unconscious.

The Hand

Credit: Unsplash

Sheena opened her eyes hearing someone banging the door. She was still in the same place and someone from the mystery room, the same hand making noise. She holds her breath tightly and walked slowly towards the room and asked “Who is there? Why are you there?”

No reply! only mourning sound from the room.

Sheena asked again “who is there? Why are you crying?”.

Peep… Peep… Sheena ran back to her room hearing car approaching the garage.

As soon as mother entered her room, Sheena hugged her and cried and told whatever she did and saw.

Tears rolled down from the mother’s eyes and she felt its time to unwrap the truth.

“She is your mother, my twin sister Savita. We both married to the same person, your father. She fell ill and become prey to most deadly disease post giving birth to you. No medicine, no mercy kill, no other option to family other than keeping her away from all hiding. She has reached the last stage and soon will be part of the universe back!! I loved and brought you up as equal as Deena. Love you my dear” Kavita hugged and cried loudly.

Sheena was in shock! The answer she got was undigestable. She hugged her and cried “Love you, mom”!!


Linking up with Anshu & Priya for #TellTaleThursday. This is a weekly challenge and prompt for this week is a photo.

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